5 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Eye Puffiness And Bags Under Eyes


Suffering Eye Puffiness? Here’s How to Get Rid of Unwanted Baggage


Though not an alarming sign of an underlying disease, eye puffiness is one of the most common beauty concerns of younger women and men.

Genetics, age, certain allergies, hormonal variations, lack of sleep or a late night out are some of the most prominent reasons of eye puffiness. Whatever could be the reason is, it’s hard to be alert and feel fresh with those frustrating bags under your eyes and of course, it’s something you never want.

Read on to find some easy ways to get rid of unwanted baggage.

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Baggage

Use Tea Bags

Ever wonder a waste product could be your biggest problem reliever!

Both green and black tea used bags are an excellent choice to soothe puffy eyes. They contain some anti-inflammatory ingredients like caffeine and tannic acid that help reduce irritation and inflammation around your eyes.

Being a mild diuretic, tannic acid can also relieve redness and swelling.

Place the cold tea bags on your swollen eyes, sit back and relax for 10-15 minutes and let the magic happen to you.

Get More Sleep

Excessive stress on your eyes as in the case of late night outs or lack of sleep can eventually result in puffy eyes.

Besides cosmetics, lack of sleep can also give rise to additional problems as well, such as vision weakness, dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes.

Adequate sleep of approximately 8 hours can help you not only in keeping your mind and body alert but also in getting rid of eye puffiness.

Sleeping in the prone position, i.e. lying on the back prevent gravity from causing fluid buildup under your eyes.

Go Veggies Way

Veggies are well-known home based remedies for treating various body ailments and relieving pain.

Enzymes and astringents present in many fruits and vegetables are an effective way to reduce swelling and inflammation.

A slice of potato or avocado makes a good substitute for those expensive eye applicants that have almost similar results.

A cucumber could be a better choice as it not only treat eye puffiness but also helps get rid of dark spots and wrinkles due to its skin tightening action.

Cold Compress

Cold presser could be one of the most efficient and non-invasive methods to reduce puffiness and eye irritation.

Ice is a famous home remedy for many types of inflammation and body aches.

It will help relax the blood vessels and contract the skin cells, thus offering relief to swollen eyes.

Besides small ice blocks, you can also use cold spoons or a bag or frozen peas. Avoid long-term contact of ice as it may damage your skin.

Diet And Exercise

“You are what you eat” an old, famous and of course true maxim. The food and drink choices you make have a direct impact on your health. For a better eye and overall health, you should focus on incorporating healthy and metabolism-boosting diets.

Following are some suggestions you can follow to avoid getting puffy eyes next time.

  • Avoid excess salt intake as its too much quantity causes fluid retention – one of the leading causes of eye puffiness
  • Avoid drinking too much alcohol and caffeine as they make your body severely dehydrated.
  • Live smoke-free; it’s better for your eyes as well as overall health.
  • Do moderate facial exercise around your eyes, it increases local blood flow, improves circulation and helps carry away accumulated fluid in puffy bags.

There are tons of other ways also to resolve your problem.

However, keeping in mind the eyes as a most sensitive part of the body, make sure you are not applying something harsh around your eyes because it’s the vision at the end that matters.


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