Effective Ways To Fix Weight Loss Plateau In 3 Days


How To Fix Your Weight Loss Plateau?

You are eating a healthy diet, counting calories, exercising regularly, and seeing desired results regarding weight loss. You feel stronger and healthier, and pounds are peeling off, and then, everything seems to stall out for no apparent reason. There comes a plateau state, where no matter what you do or eat, the result won’t change as rapidly as you were expecting.

Weight loss plateau is a common part of a weight-loss process. However, it is very frustrating and a majority of people find it very hard to stay motivated and keep going on. If you are trapped in a similar situation, the following is the 3-day quick plan to fire up your metabolism and fix weight loss plateau.

Don’t Lose Your Heart

No matter what’s the reason behind your plateau, you have to keep going for optimal results. Remember that when you were starting at 300 pounds, losing 10 lbs was not as difficult as you feel when you are about to approach your target goal. Don’t let ruin your fitness plan; just evaluate the reasons behind your current situation and keep going on.

There are multiple ways to outsmart this frustrating natural response. For a majority of people, changing exercise schedule or diet routine (increasing the number of calories you eat) will do the trick. Calorie shifting or zig-zag dieting is also an effective way to get yourself back on the tack. Zig-zag dieting refers to a day-to-day slight variation in your calorie intake such that it keeps your metabolism elevated. (source)

Besides calories shifting, try increasing the intensity of your exercise and perform short bursts of intense training exercises like sprinting. Short bursts of such anaerobic activities will boost your circulation and stimulate your metabolism to burn fat while maintaining muscle mass. (source)

Reduce Carbs and Increase Protein Intake

Reducing your carb intake to at least 50 grams per day can increase your metabolism, halt insulin production and, in turn, fire up your fat burning process (source). Along with reduced carb intake, you should focus on increasing intake of proteins. Ideally, you should go for eating 0.7-1 gram of protein per pound of your body weight. (source)

Some superfoods are the best way to incorporate a low carb, high protein in your diet.

Switch Up Your Workouts

A long consistency of similar workouts every day may also lead to a plateau. Bringing variations in your routine is the spice of life, and it also holds when it comes to getting rid of the plateau. Learn new varieties of exercises related to specific muscle group and also reschedule your exercise routine. It will bring motivation and help you get out of dreading the monotony of regular workouts. (source)

The Take Away

Plateau during the weight loss journey are common in the fitness world. It significantly halt your progress no matter what you eat or how hard you practice at the gym.

The best way to fix weight loss plateau is to not losing your heart and keep going. You can change your exercise schedule or diet plan as it works for many people going through this frustrating natural response. Reducing carb, increasing protein intake by consuming healthy weight-loss friendly foods will do the trick.



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