Easy Ways To Reduce Lower Back Pain When Sitting All Day


How to Get Rid of Lower Back Pain When Sitting Too Much

Easy Ways To Reduce Lower Back Pain When Sitting All Day

Pain in the back or around the spine and buttocks can be due to multiple things including injury, illness, or disease. Another common reason that may cause your back to be uncomfortable or ache is bad posture and prolonged sitting. However, there are some easy ways to reduce lower back pain that can help get rid of chronic pain and strengthen back muscles.

How Sitting Too Long Causes Back Pain?

Various studies have shown that the time you spend sitting on a chair can have a significant impact on your health and fitness. Recent scientific researches and clinical trials have also shown a direct relationship between low back pain and prolonged sitting. London bus drivers are found to be thrice as likely to experience lower back pain when standing from sitting position compared to the bus conductors.

There are many jobs which demand you to be sitting all day. Whether you are a teacher, taxi driver, office worker, or a lorry driver, you may find your sticking to a chair for hours at a time. According to a Mayo Clinic study, back pain is one of the most common causes of doctor appointments in the United States. American Family Physician states that approximately 25 to 30% of those are directly related to the carriers that require prolonged sitting.

If your lower back hurts when sitting and getting up or you are experiencing pain that radiates down to your legs and feet (sciatica), then you are not alone. A majority of people struggle with what’s producing their pain or aches, not recognizing the time they spend sitting per day could be the principal culprit. A healthy sitting posture should have a small, inward arch or curve in the spine – to keep yourself upright and stable. The longer you sit, the more you slouch and the spine curve becomes rounded in the opposite direction. This requires an extra force to keep your backbone in healthy, straightening position. With the passage of time, this rounded curve puts pressure from the intervertebral discs onto the joints and nerves – causing pain and backaches.

Ways To Reduce Lower Back Pain

Following are some easy and effective steps to combat sciatica or lower back.

Use a support cushion – Buy a support cushion that is specially designed to keep your spine erect and straight. It will help you maintain best sitting position for lower back pain while sitting at work or in front of a television screen.

Get up out of your chair – Getting up out of your chair after every 50 minutes or an hour to walk around or do a small exercise. The best way to reset your natural spine curve is to lean back or push your hips forward 2 to 3 times at least every hour.


Do these stretching exercises to release pressure from discs and back muscles, especially if you are experiencing lower back pain when sitting but not standing.


Plank Exercise to relive low back pain and sciatica

Lie on your stomach and lift your torso onto your elbows and toes. Hold this position for a few seconds and repeat for 5 times. Planks are sometimes hard to practice for most people. You can do an alternative and effective exercise called tennis ball therapy to relieve your sciatica and low back pain.


Superman Exercise to relive low back pain and sciatica

Lying face down, kneel up your knees and hands. Try to make superman flying position by raising and straightening your left leg while you raise your right arm in front. Hold for 15 seconds and then repeat the same on the other side.

Here are some additional exercises that can help get rid of chronic pain and strengthen back muscles.









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